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 Movie Timings for Academy Cinema Auckland  
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   Movies showing in Academy Cinema Auckland

Show Synopsis for EXHIBITION ON SCREEN: Season 4; Hieronymus Bosch  (TBC) - English EXHIBITION ON SCREEN: Season 4; Hieronymus Bosch (TBC) - English  
After 500 years Bosch’s paintings still shock and fascinate us. Delve into the vivid imagination of this true visionary. Who was Hieronymus Bosch? Why do his strange and fantastical paintings reso... Read More..
01:00 p.m.
Show Synopsis for Pecking Order  (PG) - English Pecking Order (PG) - English  
Join members of the Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club in the lead up to the NZ National Championships, as they battle history and each other in a quest for glory and for the love of their ... Read More..
11:00 a.m.05:00 p.m.08:40 p.m.
Show Synopsis for The Journey  (M) - English The Journey (M) - English  
A fictional account of the extraordinary story of two implacable enemies in Northern Ireland - firebrand Democratic Unionist Party leader Paisley and Sinn Fein politician Martin McGuinness - who are ... Read More..
06:45 p.m.
Show Synopsis for This Beautiful Fantastic  (PG) - English This Beautiful Fantastic (PG) - English  
A young woman who dreams of being a children`s author makes an unlikely friendship with a cantankerous, rich old widower.... Read More..
03:00 p.m.
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